Henstails is my way of being sober out loud!

My first year without alcohol was in isolation, my second I used Instagram to share my story, my recipes and my interests and invite sober and sober curious women to gather in Philadelphia to come out of hiding with me.

My third starts 5/1/2019 with this website!

I often say I didn’t know I had a “problem” with alcohol until I stopped drinking and I didn’t know how desperately I needed sober community till I started building it.

I did know that I looooved alcohol and it was not loving me back.

I knew that I drank with my family, with my friends, by myself in all the “expected” ways and “acceptable” times. It wasn’t until I stopped, until I tried to consciously go without a drink at the end of the day, out with friends, celebrating or mourning with family that I didn’t recognize myself without a drink in my hand. It was not until very recently that I really see how much I was drinking and why.

It wasn’t until I was sober for a while that I realized all the relationships in my life that my love affair was affecting most predominantly between me, myself and I.

So, I set out to change my relationship with alcohol by turning my back on it - one day at a time.

I found a power, a strength and a lightness and fun in sobriety totally unexpectedly.

Mocktail making, sharing and appreciating is a big part of enjoying the dry life for me second only to sober community.

Henstails is a collection of mocktails that I enjoy, sometimes of my own creation and sometimes out and about.

Henstails is also my way to host events that offer everything that a night out with friends offers just without the booze.

On the calendar you’ll find Sober Ladies Happy Hours events that range from raucous to intimate but always deliver on the promise of a good time. Also on there are “workshops” that I am hosting and gatherings and “meetings” that I attend on a regular basis.

I’d be happy to hear from you in an email at info@henstails or my contact form but even more psyched to see you in real life!

Cheers to sobriety & recovering out loud!

- Annie